Investing In Care That Works

Vital Healthcare Capital (V-Cap) provides flexible financing to support quality care for low-income communities. Powered by credit services from the national CDFI Self-Help, V-Cap can provide loans to launch programs, construct or renovate facilities and capitalize property and equipment.

Program Details

Loan Size
Up to $5,000,000 with additional capital accessible for larger projects
Loan Types
  • Business Loans - for working capital, including for expansion, revenue cycle, or new programs; and infrastructure and equipment.
  • Facilities Loans - for the acquisition, construction, renovation, or initial start-up costs for facilities across the health continuum of care in low-income communities.
  • Bridge Loans - to enable borrowers to move projects and programs forward with a clear source of take-out financing.
Projects must:
  • Serve low-income communities or populations
  • Demonstrate positive impact on health and jobs
  • Meet due diligence and underwriting standards
Providers across the continuum of care are eligible, including:
  • Community health centers
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Long term services and supports organizations
  • Specialty providers for medically complex populations
  • Provider groups (e.g. ACOs, IPAs, etc.)
Rates and Terms

Rates and terms vary based on project particulars.

About Vital Healthcare Capital

Vital Healthcare Capital (V-Cap) is a non-profit social impact loan fund investing in quality care and good healthcare jobs in low-income communities. V-Cap prioritizes investments in person-centered care for vulnerable populations, and job quality for the frontline healthcare workforce.

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